Special Olympics Smiles and Hearing at State Winter Floor Hockey

On March 3rd, 2012 Special Olympics Idaho held the State Winter Floor Hockey games at the Boise State University Rec Center.  Along with Floor Hockey teams from across the state Healthy Athletes Special Smiles, and Healthy Hearing were also in attendance to screen Idaho’s athletes.

Special Smiles checking for cavities

AJ and Healthy Hearing Clinical Director Jenn Holst

Doctoral Candidates and professors from ISU’s Audiology program in both Pocatello and Meridian, made up the Healthy Hearing crew.  The students and professors were checking athletes’ ears for wax buildup and if their hearing had been impaired by any other factors.

Healthy Hearing impressed athlete AJ so much that she volunteered her time to make sure everybody got their ears checked.  She made sure to get all her teammates into the screening to not only make sure they could hear but to make new friends with the Healthy Hearing crew.

“The Healthy Hearing crew enjoys being involved with Special Olympics and provides an opportunity for people to have their hearing checked.  Some people with disabilities may not have access to some of these tests on their own.  It is also a great time for the students in ISU’s Audiology Doctorate program to volunteer and get some practical experience at the same time.”   ~ Jenn Holst Au.D Healthy Hearing State Clinical Director

Healthy Hearing screening

State Clinical  Director in Healthy Hearing Jenn Holst got to go through the screening as well.  AJ noticed that Jenn did not have a wristband saying she had been through the screening so she led Jenn to get screened.  As it turns out both Jenn and AJ had no problems with their ears whatsoever.

Special Smiles brought out a crew of Dentists, Hygienists, and friends to help screen athletes.  They had dolls that would help demonstrate proper brushing techniques, the crew checked for cavities, plaque buildup, and anything that may have caused a problem, and athletes received a free gift bag for at the end of the screening and a custom fit mouth guard for those who were participating in Floor Hockey.

“A lot of the kids don’t get to see a dentist, so we offer them dental screenings enter them in the system, teach them how to brush and floss, give them a gift bag and mouth guard.”
~ Amy Haugen RDH Special Smiles State Co-Clinical Director

About Taylor Garff

Healthy Athlete Intern with Special Olympics Idaho. I am a senior at Boise State University looking to graduate May 2012 with a BS in Social Sciences.
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