Healthy Hearing and Special Smiles coming to State Floor Hockey!

“Whatever you do, don’t get disappointed.” – Jack Hansen

Don’t let this dry dry winter get you down!  Come out to the State Floor Hockey March 3rd, where Healthy Athletes will be doing a screening at the Boise State Rec Center!
(1515 University Drive)

Healthy Hearing and Special Smiles will be screening athletes from 9:00am to 2:00pm.  For those who are competing in Floor Hockey Special Smiles wants to fit YOU with a mouth guard to protect those great smiles!

Did You Know? The ear continues to hear sounds, even while you sleep.

Not competing in Floor Hockey, but you’re an athlete?  Want to be healthy AND cheer on your teammates?  Come visit us, we’ll be happy to screen you as well, then stick around and root on your teammates!

Here are just a handful of reasons why you should come to this screening:

  1. It’s completely free
  2. Get tips on how to keep those pearly whites nice and clean
  3. Check those ears to make sure your hearing is at peak performance, just what you need to help improve your game.
  4. Cheer on Floor Hockey teams
  5. Go through both screenings for a great Healthy Athlete Giveaway
  6. Support Healthy Athletes and Special Olympics Idaho!
Not sure about parking at BSU?  We have the entire Lincoln Garage (all spots but those designated by a sign), the entrance is off of Belmont Street.  

Who Knew! No two people have the same fingerprints and the same is true for tongues and teeth.

About Taylor Garff

Healthy Athlete Intern with Special Olympics Idaho. I am a senior at Boise State University looking to graduate May 2012 with a BS in Social Sciences.
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